Wild Animal Fights a group of Buffalo’s Kill Lion watch Real Fight video


Wild Animal Fights a group of Buffalo’s Kill Lion watch Real Fight video

One of the best wildlife animal videos is the group of buffalo kills lions episode which is an unbelievable attack. Basing the ideas from the wildlife videos YouTube there is animal attack where a crowd of buffalo kills lion mercilessly . The animal attack where the buffalo kills the lions in the wildlife videos YouTube . from the African safari video the Buffalo’s and the lions are in separate group , each group yawning to the other group . The African wildlife videos of the buffalo killing lions are a scary and horrific which everyone who watches the episode does not believe , Although in the first instant the lions are not scared as from the wildlife video , they are also attacked mercilessly by the buffalo’s .

Why Wild Animals Should be Protected ! Most recently in Zimbabwe, the killing of Cecil the biggest lion in the world sparked a worldwide debate. A few months afterwards, a German hunter paid $60,000 to get a permit allowing him to kill Africa’s biggest elephant. Poachers, legal hunters, private breeders and other interest groups are threatening the majestic wildlife. This leads us to the debate, why do we need to protect the wild animals?

Wildlife in their very existence enriches human lives in several ways. The number one reason why anyone would want to protect the animals is for humans’ own enjoyment and recreational activities. Every year, millions of people across the world go fishing, another bunch of millions of people go hunting, and billions of people across the world watch the wildlife on their TVs.

However, we don’t have to be hunters, anglers, photographers, and bird watchers to treasure the wildlife. Still, millions of people across the world love hiking, camping, climbing mountains, adventure in the sea, sailing, canoeing and going for relaxation in places where thousands of animal call home. Quite often, we turn to “wild places” and wild things” for spiritual inspiration, esthetic pleasure and a way to relate to nature. A number of humans and cultures find religious meaning in different species of animals to express cultural heritage by using the animals to heal, pray, celebrate, or sustain health.

Almost every country depends on tourism as a source of income. Households spend millions every year towards recreational activities in line with trips, buying fishing equipment, watching wildlife and hunting. Again, millions of people make a living out of wildlife, for instance, wildlife tour companies, eco-tour companies, safari companies, and several other people employed in the sector.

A number of legislations across the world recognize the fact that the endangered species and other animals and plants are of ecological, esthetic, historical, educational and of scientific value. It is important that every human under the sun recognize that natural heritage is an invaluable resource and cannot be replaced. Our lives and the future generations directly depend on how wisely and effectively, we use and protect our nature and resources. After all, animals, just like humans have emotions, they share the earth with us and have a fundamental right of existence. We have designed laws that protect us from kidnap, murder, torture, senseless killing, etc. Don’t you think animals also need to be protected and live their lives peacefully without our interference?[mashvideo]

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