Wild Boar heroically saved from slippery frozen lake by Skaters


Wild Boar heroically saved from slippery frozen lake by Skaters

Since their reintroduction to Sweden thirty years ago the wild boar has been considered a pest. Boars tend to stay out of people´s way except when the crops are ripe. That is when some boars choose to try their luck and find their way to farms. Weighing anywhere between 70 and 200 hundred kilograms or roughly between 154 and 440 pounds, wild boars are known for their aggressive nature but recently a pack of four boars in Båven, Sweden found themselves trapped on ice.

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Image: youtube.com/rumble viral

The boars repeatedly slipped and fell. They were clearly unable to get to land and may have died without human intervention. these generally dangerous and aggressive beasts suddenly looked scared and fragile. Luckily there were skaters on a tour nearby who were willing to save the pack of boars. The skaters were smart and realized that touching the boars was unwise. To help the boars the skaters used curling brooms to move the boars to land. The boars seemed to calmly glide over the ice as the impromptu rescue mission took place. It is clear that the boars had no choice but to allow the skaters to help them seeing as they were unable to even stand up as the rescuers slowly pushed them to the edge.

The boars seemed happy to finally reach land. How exactly these four boars ended up stranded in the center of the body of water is unsure but many believe that the boars were on a small island when the water froze and they became stranded. This group of small skaters showed that people are more than capable of putting their needs aside and selflessly helping creatures that are generally considered pests or food. their actions represent the most noble part of human nature. We need to see more people like them who can put their prejudices aside in a time of need.


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