Microsoft Windows 10: Everything You Need To Know


Microsoft Windows 10: Everything You Need To Know

The upcoming version of Microsoft windows operating system is on its way to amaze the users. ‘Windows 10’ is scheduled to be released in 2015. The last Tuesday, the desktop version of windows 10 was demonstrated by Microsoft. However, windows 10 will also work on tablets, smart phones and other devices.

Widows 10

The developers and designers have shown a great creativity in designing the operating system. They have tried their best to combine the familiarity of windows 7 with the cool and modern interface of windows 8. Here you will find all the applications on the left side, as per the well-known window7 style. You will find the colorful live title on the right side, which will truly define the modern and classy features of windows 10. You will be glad to know that windows 10 will offer a customizable ‘Start Menu’. This will help the user to resize all the respective titles and move them around as per their requirement. It has also got a fun feature; you can also make the start menu tall, thin, long and flat according to your needs.

Here after using window10, you will get the familiar ‘Window’ back. Windows 10 will give you a chance to resize all the new stylish applications according to your need. You will be able to drag all the applications around the screen as per your liking, in all you will get to experience the feature of win32 app. Windows 10 will also have some new features like Operating System X’s mission control. It will help you to zoom out and see everything that is running on your PC; from there you can select any of those apps and can directly enter. If you use Windows 10, it will allow you to open multiple desktop configurations. You will be able to switch between both the desktop. It will help you run two applications on the screen for any particular task. Windows 10 will also give you a chance to navigate several desktop displays at the bottom of the screen.

It is sure that Windows 10 will be more powerful than Windows 8. Windows 10 will definitely be compatible with all the traditional management systems that are being used in the present business world. You will also find some quality mobile device management tools in windows 10. Application developers will be so happy to know that are going to get ‘One Application Platform’ at windows 10. You will get a one way to write a universal application.

Windows 10 will be touch enabled. You will be able to use the touch to scroll, and pinch to zoom on your cozy desktop and laptop screens. However, Microsoft is not saying anything about the prizing of Windows10 Operating System. They have not reveled anything about the incentive programs to get people upgrade from the old operating systems.

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