With A Washing Machine This Guy Created An Amazing Fish Tank


With A Washing Machine This Guy Created An Amazing Fish Tank

Many people in this world are unaware about designing something creative and best with the waste. For an instance; just imagine what would you do with the washing machine that’s broken down or you have rejected it? Yeah!! You thought correct. Many of us will surely throw it away. However, this genius has made a miracle by turning it into a beautiful fish pot. Want to know how he did it?


Here we will reveal the story of a man who works at a used a

ppliance store. Once he got an amazing idea turn the washing machine into an epic fish tank. Its surely the best way

to provide safe and hospitable environment to the fishes. However; it is not simple to design such tanks, what we are going to present further will definitely damn your eyes.  So get ready to explore about world’s coolest fish tank.

As the initial step, he washed well all the internal parts of machine so the detergent left in it would not affect the fishes in any way.

The washing machine’s empty shell would look like this. This image is taken before installing the essential old and new parts in the machinery.

Further that guy installed all the necessary parts in the machine in order to make sure that the fishes get healthier and secure environment inside the machine. Things like tank heater filter houses, drain and air pumps and the harness tub bolts were installed to offer warm environment to fishes. What about creative design? Yes he has done everything to make it perfectly creative. The led power supply was added to the machine so that great light effects can be observed from outside.


He didn’t want everyone to open the fish tank unnecessarily as they did with washing machine doors. It can be harmful for the fishes, if we open the pot unnecessarily. So, the guy installed a new front to the washing machine.


Light is considered as the basic necessity of average fish tank. He added LED lights at the inner tub of washing machine, in order to provide perfect light required by the fishes.


LED lights are popular and loved for the range of colors they show. Even here the simple LED made miracles. Such LED gave an amazing look to the inside fish tanks, that will surely make the people fond of such tanks.


Your fish tank is all set to be the new lavish home of dearly fishes. Have a look to the master piece that is normal washing machine from outside but a really beautiful fish tank from inside.


Awesome? Yes it is…. One should keep performing such innovative experiments. Hats off to the guy who designed it!!

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