Woman accepted as the Leader of the Pride By The Lions


Woman accepted as the Leader of the Pride By The Lions

Woman accepted as the Leader of the Pride By The Lions

Woman accepted as the Leader of the Pride By The Lions

Over the years lions are categorized as the Kings of the African jungle. These huge and fierce animals of the cat family with terribly large claws have expressed a strange trait, the ability to place a human as the leader of their pride.

Lazmi, a fine young lady from South Africa, has created unusual animal friendships with lions.

She comfortably admits that the animal friendships started since they were cubs. These animal odd couples are arguably the greatest in the world, as Lazmi has bounded with four animals in love.

The wonder lady has received enough praise to feature in one of the animal planet episodes which is set in Seaview Predator Park, South Africa.

Lazmi describes that she had to be the dominant figure to the playful and demanding cubs. The lions trusted Lazmi by interaction and disciplining the lions.

She was keen never to attempt any form of training to the animals hence these cutest animal couples were based on the lions wild instincts.

The lions as they grew up always regarded Lazmi as the grown up and she secured her place as the leader of the pride. From the human view she acts as the mother, and she has mastered their mood swings and respected their diverse personalities. [mashvideo]

The beautiful lady understands that in the near future her loved ones will eventually leave her. This golden project, which is the first of its kind, is aimed at rearing animals with intimate relationships in captivity then releasing them to the wild when they are old enough.

The idea is aimed to increase the number of the animals in the wild as the number of lions in captivity is ever increasing. Lazmi gladly declares that she has faith in her lions and the project will eventually be a success.

The five feet tall lady has greatly succeeded in her ambition with her current possibility to get kissable close to the lions. Lazmi has greatly proved that multiple lions can be intimate to human while also respecting her as the leader of their pride.

Source: Animal Planet

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