Woman Escapes Death from Train watch live video


Woman Escapes Death from Train watch live video

The Indian rail kills several people each year, undoubtedly due to their negligence. A video clip uploaded by the Indian Railways Train features a woman who escapes death by a whisker. The clip is a harrowing one as onlookers wait for the train to pass to know the fate of the lady.

According to those who witnessed the scene, on noticing the incoming train, the middle-aged woman decided to lie below the train to save her dear life. Throughout the time that the entire train passes through, the woman lies still in between rails with the onlookers eager to know whether the lady survives the tragedy. To their disbelief, the woman is found alive after the train passes and all they can do is to support her stand.

This incidence shows one of many glaring examples of trespassing on a railroad property or track. Notably, those who trespass a railroad track fail to consider the consequences of their action.[mashvideo]

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