Woman with Down syndrome visits tattoo parlor every Friday


Woman with Down syndrome visits tattoo parlor every Friday:

Tattoos are in our tradition for a long time now and people are inspired by the true events and designs which they get inked on their body parts. There is the innovation from some scary tattoos to beautiful masterpieces, which look exceptional with vibrant colors. People used to get tattoos to celebrate love, symbolize strength and express their inner creativity.

Down syndrome

There is one woman in New Zealand who has been visiting a local tattoo parlor every Friday for the last three months. Every Friday for three months is like 12 sessions in the parlor and it is imaginable to cover the entire body from head to toe with tattoos but the truth is even more beautiful.

Down syndrome

Suzie has Down syndrome and she has been visiting tattoo artist Jason Ward on every Friday to get a new pair of a temporary tattoo.

Within these months Suzie and Jason are bond with the true friendship and even share the long talks through the sessions. According to Jason, “The first time Suzie came to the parlor, she directly approached the desk and put all the things down and asked to put these on her arm”. She has a specific interest in Maori designs and loves to show off her new set of tattoos to everyone at the care facility where she lives.

Down syndrome

Jason is the proud owner of “Muscle and Ink” a tattoo parlor in New Zealand. Suzie is Jason’s favorite client and on every Friday he takes out time from his busy schedule and inks Suzie with temporary tattoos. There is the picture of both, while Suzie is getting a new tattoo, Jason said, It’s a photo of two people who were discriminated every now and then.

It has been observed that people with tattoos and people with Down syndrome are often discriminated for the choices and mental illness in the society. There is the struggle for each of them about the misconceptions of their personalities.

Down syndrome

Two different people and personalities are there for each other and brightening each other’s week. The session with Suzie is similar to the sessions with normal people and Jason doesn’t charge her for the services. She is crazy about the Maori designs and she knows somebody in her care facility with Ta Moko, traditional Maori tattoo patterns which she likes to show off.

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