Wondering how to lose belly fat? Here how


Wondering how to lose belly fat? Here’s how:

There is no specific rule by which you can lose the belly fat. Many people have tried and tested various formula but in vain. However, these four steps can help you in losing it as people have tried and recommended.

Rule 1: Increase your Metabolism

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Wondering how to lose belly fat? Here’s how

No one can deny the fact that metabolism plays a vital role in helping people maintain their weight. If the metabolism is not great, you will fail in your attempts, no matter what you do. So, your first step to losing belly fat is improving metabolism.

  • Never skip breakfast. A person who eats breakfast within half an hour of their waking up tends to build better metabolism. Include healthy food in your breakfast- fruits, dry fruits, oats, milk, eggs, multi-grain bread etc.
  • Lack of sleep is a strict No-No. Make sure that you have at least 7 hours of sleep for your mind and body to heal and start fresh. One tip for a better sleep is work and bedroom away.
  • Walking is one of the best ways to improve metabolism. Walk for at least an hour a day that may be in breaks. Skip everything that obstructs your walk, elevators, escalator etc.
  • Skip from refined grains to whole grain.
  • Water, how can we forget that? Drink plenty of water for a healthy routine.

Rule 2: Exercise



Only food or boosting metabolism won’t help lose belly fat. Exercise goes a long way in adding to the motivation.

  • Start with brisk exercise that is not hardcore as you need to get used to it.
  • Planks, squads, and side stretches are highly recommended instead of crunches.
  • After these two have been accomplished, increase the cardio to pump up the heart for a better blood circulation. It is the best way to lose weight from all parts of the body. Running is one of the best cardio exercises.
  • Increase your resistance with the help of some resistance training. Try lifting dumb bells of lesser weight and then with every day passing by, increase the weight. This way, you will work on the endurance ability.

Rule 3: Diet



  • Intake of calories should be reduced or burnt down. This can be done through exercise
  • Remember, a good weight loss regime should include 2 pounds every week
  • Fat is always a No while dieting but monounsaturated fats like nuts, soybeans, avocado etc. Can be included for reducing belly fat.
  • Eat more fiber than you have ever. I understand that food that contains fiber is not too tasty but to gain control of your belly, you have to.

Rule 4: Motivation is a must

Motivation is a must

Motivation is a must

Well, after you have been working on your schedule religiously, make sure that you are able to track the changes. That will ensure you that you are following the right path.

After you see the change, don’t quit it which many people do. Try to stay motivated as that will keep you going and maintaining the consistency required. For this, you can join friends who are health freak in their daily activities. You can also read books and watch documentaries that talks about the ill-effects of belly fat.

Remember belly fat doesn’t make you look ugly, it makes you feel ugly from within which is the worst feeling.

So grab your best athletic attire and start it from today as tomorrow never comes. Persistence is the key to success and with persistent progress and motivation; you can burn that bulging belly fat which is not letting you wear your favorite clothes.

Source: wikihow.com


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