You Won’t Believe Why Sleep Is a Mystery, Once You Read These 23 Facts About Sleeping


You Won’t Believe Why Sleep Is a Mystery, Once You Read These 23 Facts About Sleeping

Sleeping, it is a very important and soothing activity to do, important because if are suffering from Insomnia then you will face very bad consequences like headache, weakness and many more and to make those consequences go away one generally move in wrong habits like consuming alcohol, having cigarette and many other.

So over all a bad thing will happen in your life. You have to do nothing to stop these consequences, just sleep, as simple as that. A normal mature person should sleep at least for 7-8 hours a day. Sleeping, it is not as simple as it sounds, you would ask WHY? Let us discuss some facts about it:

  1. According to recent study, a person spends his/her one-third life while sleeping, a long 26 years.
  2. In a house where a new baby is born, parents generally lose their 6 months of sleep in the first 2 years of child.sleep-facts
  3. As we’ve mentioned above, Insomnia causes many problems, one person tries to make record for not sleeping, he made a record also, his record is of 18 days, 21 hours and 40 minutes, but which results him blurred vision, Hallucinations, memory loss and slurred speech.insomnia
  4. The previous point was about the longest record for not sleeping, and the record of longest sleep is for 11 days.
  5. Even sleeping less than required i.e. 7 hours per day, reduces your life Expectancy.
  6. According to an observation, some deaf people make sign language in their sleep.
  7. According to recent study, if you do not sleep for 7-8 hours a day, you can gain weight of about 2 Pounds (0.9 KG) per week.weight-gain
  8. Before the inventions of Alarm clock, people hire some people who were called as “Knocker-Ups”, whose work was to tap on client’s window with a long stick, until they wake up.
  9. A snail can sleep for 3 years.
  10. It is quite impossible for a person to sneeze while sleeping.
  11. If you want to sleep on a job, then just go to Japan, as they feel that it is Exhaustion from working hard.sleeping-facts
  12. Sea Otters hold each other’s hands while they sleep, so that they don’t drift away from each other while sleeping.sleep-facts-sea-otters
  13. Have you ever wondered, feeling hard to come out of bed is also a disease and this disease is known as Dysania, I think many of you would be suffering from this disease?
  14. According to a study, people experience better sleep during a new moon day and worse sleep on a full moon day.
  15. Sleeping is also affected by the altitude on which you sleep, as on high altitude, the oxygen level is also low.
  16. Many Tibetan monks sleep upright.tibetan-monk-sleep-upright
  17. Cat sleeps for 70 % time of their life.Cat-Sleeping
  18. Just by believing that you have slept well improves your performance at work.
  19. Horses can sleep standing.
  20. Rabbits have a habit to sleep with their eyes open.
  21. David Atchison, who became President of US for one day in the year 1849, spent most of his day sleeping.
  22. Many people thought that sleeping does not burn calories, but according to a recent study, it burns more calories than what we burn while watching a TV.
  23. According to research, it is found that women experience more nightmares then Men, and have more emotional dream.

 So we think after reading these points, you would definitely agree to our point that sleeping, it is not as easy thing as we think. So enjoy sleeping.

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