You Won’t Believe This Deadliest Rail Track in the World Exist


You Won’t Believe This Deadliest Rail Track in the World Exist

You won’t believe that some of these rail tracks exist. One is left to wonder how a train which is so heavy can traverse across two high cliffs on such thread-like rail tracks. It is an engineering wonder on how the rail tracks are supported on such slender concrete columns. Even if you love adventures such as climbing the highest mountains in the world, you will need nerves of steel to travel on the world’s deadliest rail track. The rail track connects two high cliffs and is supported on thin concrete columns. If you are the passenger travelling on this train, the last thing you would like to do is to look through your window.

Looking on down from the train, all you can see is the dotted vegetation in the valleys. You can’t help to think “what if the train slip from it tracks?” weird thought indeed, but we have heard of cases of where trains have slipped from their tracks. With such a height, slipping cannot be an option, or else the train will go sprawling like a snake falling from a tall tree. When crossing on such a track, you can’t help but hold your breath, cross your fingers and toes, and pray all will be well.


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