World War III is around the corner

“World War III is around the corner” claimed by Baba Vanga, the Blind Mystic:

What if I will tell you about the incidents that will happen in the near future with an accurate description and most probably the dates of the incident? You might think that I am not in my senses or somebody has drugged me but there was a lady, the blind Mystic, known by the name of Baba Vanga, predicted the incidents that actually happened around the world with the course of time. baba vanga World War III prediction

baba vanga World War III prediction

baba vanga World War III prediction

She is based out of Bulgaria, Russia from where she predicted about the global warming which changed the geographical representation of the maps of the world, The Tsunami, happened in 2004 which killed millions, and the most famous was twin towers attack in the U.S which was the beginning of the fall of many Muslim countries.

Baba Vanga also predicted the very first African-American president of the United States which was Barak Obama, who served his nation for almost a decade and the rise in power for Islamic countries in Europe which was with Christian countries for many decades.

The lady predicted most accurate description and most of them were from 21st century but sadly she was not among us to witness her predictions getting the perfect shape with time. She died with breast cancer in 1996, and the government has turned her small house into a museum with artifacts and personal belongings of her.

With time, the following of Baba Vanga was increased and she was visited by many officials from around the world including Bulgarian tsar Boris III. She also predicted the separation of United Kingdom from the European Union which changed many rules and regulations of the country and affected millions.

Before Baba Vanga died she claimed about another prediction which will ruin the humanity and just like the past, millions or billions will be killed with this prediction. She claimed the downfall of the super power “The United States” as the new president will be responsible for the start of the new civil war which will lead to the whole world in war.

It will start with ongoing tensions between North and South Korea which will make the condition even worse with the involvement of the U.S. This will be the start of the downfall and their main rival China will overtake them in terms of power and superiority by 2028.

This will engage the “New World Order” which will lead to poverty and hunger. She also claimed our planet Earth will take its last breath in the year 3797, but with the development in the field of science, we will able to find a new solar system to live.

All these predictions are just enough to run the chills in the spine and to think about the accuracy, Baba Vanga’s predictions were 85% accurate which is quite enough to rethink about the situation of the world and how to maintain the peace. Our world is developing and of course, we are not ready for another World war or World War III as it will throw us back in the past.

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