World’s First Airplane Dirtbike Slackline Stunt


World’s First Airplane Dirtbike Slackline Super Stunt

World's First Airplane Dirtbike Slackline Super Stunt

Biking is definitely one of the most exhilarating motor sport known. It gets even crazier when bikers pull off crazy,almost impossible stunts on a two wheeler. Motorsport therefore stands out as a favorite sport for the daredevils, especially those willing to push the impossibilities even further.

If you thought flipping on a dirt bike over a car or over some crazy terrain is blood curling then you haven’t met (Melissa Andrzejewski (aerobot), Sketchy Andy Lewis(a professional performer, stunt coordinator, and internationally recognized extreme sports athlete), Jimmy Fitzpatrick(a dirt bike enthusiast). These three pulled out of a movie stunt.


What if you could ride above an airplane, or worse still beneath a man on a rope. Impossible, right? Not for these three daredevils. Jimmy pushes his enthusiasm and and together with Andy Lewis and Melisa they pull off the world’s first airplane dirt bike slackline super stunt where Jimmy flips over a planes cockpit.

Lewis, did his slack line while watching Jimmy flip his bike right beneath him. Jimmy shows precision as Melissa flies few feet below his bike. Unbelievable, right? not until you’ve seen this insane video.



They proudly exclaimed that this successful stunt was a “world first.” Yeah, I can’t believe it either.Its upsetting to to think no one ever thought of flipping a bike beneath a flying plane and above a guy on a high-line but now that its done, i cant wait to see the next stunt record to be broken.



“I’ve got 10-15 feet right above and beneath my bike. I’ll either be hitting metal or my friends. The precision is really really important.” says Andrzejewski. we would love to warn you against trying out one of these crazy stunts but definitely nobody sane would try that

So the next time you do one your bike stunts on your backyard and call it insane, you might want to reconsider how insane you go.[mashvideo]

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