The Worlds First Flying Hotel Hotelicopter, For The Extra Luxury Travel


The Worlds First Flying Hotel Hotelicopter, For The Extra Luxury Travel 

Hotelicopter is a hotel which has built by using the aircraft. The aircraft with a flying experience. It was consisted of eighteen rooms. The hotel helicopter will provide a new luxurious travelling facility with dinning and to get room. It is four stories building of apartments. The hotelicopter is built by the New York company.

The concept to design Hotelicopter:

The double deck Airbus A380 has taken some crucial steps to design a high standard accommodation facility in air. The company was working from 2004 and trying to modify the Soviet made Mil V twelve. This aircraft has been converted in such a big size hotel helicopter and first biggest helicopter of the world. This giant size helicopter machine will provide the experience of five-star hotel. The ambiance of the hotelicopter is unmatched able and not less than a five star hotel.

Specification of hotelicopter: 

The hotelicopter hotel is a big hotel with powerful flying experience. It has 42m length, 14m height and maximum take-off weight is 105850 kg. Its maximum speed is 225 km/h. in 2009, a video had been released about the images of the hotelicopter rooms and amenities available in that hotel helicopter. This helicopter is a new type of helicopter which is not different or big in size but also a special kind of hotel with accommodation. It is world’s first flying hotel.

Design of the hotel helicopter:

The design of the hotel includes the soundproof rooms, middle sized bed, coffee machine, mini bars, night clubs and with addition of the WiFi internet access. The room services are available for the passenger with ultimate experience of flight and hotel attendant. It is designed after a delicate work. The team worked day and night and got the fruit in the form of this superb hotel helicopter.

A new world or a new horizon:

This helicopter is one of the largest helicopters. It is an innovative mode of transportation. It has opened the ways to There are the buses who has the facility of accommodation but this is a different type of innovation in transportation industry, an aircraft with facility of flying hotel. The people will definitely get a new experience of two things; travelling by an airline and the hotel facility.

It will provide the facility of excellent crew and staff. Room service is provided on a superior scale. It has also provided services according to the requirements of the certified companies. On the basis of the standards of this hotelicopter hotel, it is certified as five stars’ hotel by the code of federal regulation.

Experimental tour in the year 2009:

Hotel helicopter made three tour of around the world. The one flight was taken as an Inaugural tour for 14 days with a concealed price. California tour was made by the seven days’ time. It has taken European tour towards Jamaica, that tour was longer than the other two tours. The duration of this third tour was 16 days. The video of this first flying hotel was got viral 2009. The interior pictures of the hotel helicopter had uploaded on the website. This video got viral on internet.


Source: Pastimers – World’s Best & Worst

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