World’s Longest Rail Tunnel Opens in Switzerland


The deepest and longest rail tunnel in the world has officially opened in Europe, Switzerland. This is almost after twenty years of construction work.

The 35-mile (57km) Gotthard twin-bore base tunnel will serve as a high-speed rail link connecting the southern and northern European Alps. The Switzerland government believes this railway line will have a positive impact on European freight transport while also helping in border control. Goods will now be transported by train instead of being carried by a million lorries every year to countries such as Italy.

Japan’s 53.9km Seikan rail tunnel has been overtaken by this new tunnel as the longest in the world and the 50.5km Channel Tunnel connecting France and the UK into third place.

The $12.2 billion project completion was marked by leaders this week with an extravagant ceremony. However an even more ambitious project may soon surpass this tunnel.[mashvideo]

Plans to construct an underwater train tunnel would be 76 miles long if completed were announced by China.

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