World’s Longest Slide Ever


World’s Longest Slide Ever

What can be better than seeing the joy and excitement on your kids faces by making them feel that they were on the world’s longest water slide?
Rami Mor, a YouTuber made a video which featured him along with his kids on a waterslide. The video was shot in El Conquistador Resort in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Rami compiled this video to increase its length which he says amused his kids very much and the video went viral with millions of views on YouTube, which was very contrary to his expectations. This video is bound to leave a smile on this face as you see the kids giggling and all excited on the water slide. Rami talks in the video and shares his personal experiences of the ride too. All the giggles and family fun in this video makes it a very interesting and a happy watch, and may just inspire you to take the kids and have some fun in a water park.


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