WOW It Looks Like A Crazy Guy Just Walking Around In The Snow. When You Zoom it’s amazing


WOW It Looks Like A Crazy Guy Just Walking Around In The Snow. When You Zoom it’s amazing

Simon Beck is a snow artist who started snow walking just out of fun. His work can be described as geometric mountain art, because he is constantly drawing geometrical shapes by walking in the snow. He is also the author of the book called “Snow Art” that features around 200 hundred of his snow artwork. His most famous and dearest snow artwork is the Sierpinski triangle; that is actually an assembly of smaller triangles.

For him, walking in snow is a relaxation and a way to express his snow designs. This snow artist has been in Canada, Swiss Alps, New Zealand, and more, and is constantly thinking of new interesting snow patterns.

Simon Beck’s snow art is truly wondrous for the eye, and in his words one day is needed to perform a piece of art snow. He uses a combination of baseplate and prismatic compass for orientation and says that it’s just like mapmaking in reverse. Furthermore, he counts his paces in order for an estimated length of his guy patterns. According to him, sixty double paces equals around 100 meters, but he implies that running or jogging is not an option.

He says that the weather is off essence, because if wind or snow comes along, his snow artwork will be ruined. This has happened on multiple occasions but Simon Beck still continues his snow art because he understands that snow is just snow and the mural will eventually vanish. He does it for pleasure, exercise, and expressing himself and his snow artwork.

Just snow becomes artist snow once he creates his geometric mountain art, and he is trying to send a message to people to go back to the Nature and stop polluting the environment, because Nature is beautiful and should be nourished and not destroyed. People have forgotten the beauties of the Nature, maybe this astonishing snow art inspires people to do the same, whether it’s snow artwork, beach artwork or just cleaning the environment and seeing the bigger picture. The world is focused on technology and progress, Simon Beck gives you art and Nature for the back-to-earth movement that is much needed in today’s world. It’s never too late to indulge in the beauty that is surrounding us, and maybe we should all follow his example and nurture our planet instead of pilling up the garbage.


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