Yellowstone Elk Caught In the Act Charging A Tourist


Yellowstone Elk Caught In the Act Charging At A Tourist!!!

Yellowstone Elk Caught In the Act Charging A Tourist

Elks, and generally the deer family, are known to be gentle and cute. That is why you get people comfortably petting them and taking close up photos and videos. But let’s face it, wild animals are erratic, even the cutest ones. On this one occasion, a Yellowstone elk wasn’t too happy to have his photo taken.

A female tourist at Yellowstone National Park decided to get a close up photo of an elk that was peacefully grazing. The elk did not like the invasion of personal space and in an attempt to pass the message across; the elk charged at a woman and knocked her down. The whole incident was caught on camera at this peaceful wild animal sanctuary.

As a word of caution to other tourists, it is important to keep a safe distance from wild animals. Photography is allowed in many animal sanctuaries, but everyone is cautioned to be careful not to get too close. You can check out YouTube videos of animals that are seemingly harmless charging at people when they feel threatened.[mashvideo]

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