You Will Not Believe How This Guy Balances Things


You Will Not Believe How This Guy Balances Things

People often try to prove themselves as ‘hero’ by balancing the stuffs, however; all their efforts go in vein when the things do not get balanced perfectly.

Whatever may be the situation, but people always love to watch such shows where the professionals balance the delicate items beautifully.

This guy has the ability to balance anything. It looks cool, but can you let him use your precious stuff for one of his shows?


But before that let’s teach you a trick, that will help you be a rocking magician in front of your friends.

Do you want to know how to balance an egg? Check out the guide presented below.

  • Choose the hard surface and make a small mound of salt on it. Make sure the salt mound is perfectly smooth
  • Now you’ve to balance your egg over the center top of the salt mound. Remember, in order to let the egg balanced for
  • Now it’s time to be a little gentle, blow all the extra salt away from the hard surface.
  • With patience and a steady hand, you should succeed in balancing the egg on its end.

Congrats, you’ve done it!

Now let’s move a step ahead, it’s high time to amaze your friends by balancing an egg on the electric bulb.

  • You need a light bulb that is inserted into the lamp. And of course an egg.
  • Now you need to wet the tip of the egg. Be a little careful while doing this as a small mistake can crack the egg.
  • Again you need to be little careful while rubbing the salt over the wet tip of egg.
  • Now balance the egg perfectly over the light bulb. All because of the salt you’ve rubbed over the tip, the egg will happily be balanced on the bulb for a long time.
  • If it doesn’t get balanced perfectly, then it may be the indication that egg needs some more salt to be rubbed over its wet tip. In such condition, you should repeat the experiment.

Now when you’ve become the magician, let’s get ready to watch out the show presented by professional. We hope the audiences would love this.

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