You’ll Be Amaze How a dog save child life must watch the video


You’ll Be Amaze How a dog save child life must watch the video

A dog is much more than a pet to humans. He is a companion, a protector, a slave, an admirer, a listener and many other things. Over the years numerous videos can be seen on social media or many news are topping the headlines such as dog saves baby, dog saves child’s life, dog saves 3 year old girl, dog saves 3 year old boy,dog saves injured dog, etc. A dog is the a most reliable bodyguard who love to save humans lives. You show a little affection towards a dog and they become your slave for life.

Their love for humans can be clearly interpreted from the videos that have come across in which dogs can be seen saving families from snakes, or dogs saves masters, dog bite bad guys in order to save kid’s life. The love of a dog is more towards his master as dog saves owner and help their owners in many ways but this love is not restricted to only his master. Not only

pets who are trained but even stray dogs portrays affection towards human kind. This fact is justified by a recent news that came from India, where a dog saves baby who is a newborn found near a garbage can and 4 dogs were protecting the baby from everything until an NGO found the baby. Like the video in which dog saves baby girl from bad guys, there are more accounts of videos in which dogs have come forward and stood against cruelty and violence.

Apart from kids and babies, dogs saves women from attack,dog saves baby, dog saves people, dog saves kids life, dog saves child and in general dog saves life. Police officers and Soldiers also relies on dogs because of their great sense of smell but dogs have proven to be much more efficient than that on the accounts where dog saves soldier and dog saves officer.

Dogs are a great help to make our daily lives easier but also impose a problem since dig bite infections can be harmful for humans. But as long as proper treatment is taken, this problem can be resolved. They may not understand human language but the surely understand humanity to a great extent. Since they serve so much toward humanity, it is human’s responsibility to serve towards dog treatment to keep them healthy so that more news of dog saves baby, dog saves women, etc. could be encountered and more precious lives will continue to blossom resulting from their barks against cruelty.


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