Young boy helps a homeless man who nobody thought about


Young boy helps a homeless man who nobody thought about

Everywhere you look there’s always a needy person who requires your assistance just to get by, it’s often said that whatever you give to others will be returned back to you in equal measure. If it doesn’t happen immediately then in the near future you’ll surely be repaid. In this video, a poor barefooted homeless man is seen walking down the street with no one to help him. Having trekked for man miles and with his feet aching terribly, he decides to tie a piece of plastic around them so as to ease the pain. The makeshift container now acts like his sandals.

From where he’s seated, a young boy in a car is seen having pity on the homeless man and even gets out to try and offer a lending hand. But just before he can help, the father comes along and tells him to get back into the car without even giving the poor man a second look. However, the young one is so determined to help that even after reaching home he sneaks out and buys a new pair of shoes for the abandoned fellow. It so happens that his dad is also passing along with a white BMW car as this happening, but instead of getting mad at the child he embracing him proudly for helping the poor soul. This goes to show that we are all humans, and no matter our situation in life we all deserve to be treated fairly.


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